The paint quality is very good, and for simple things the service is fine. The problem comes when you want something other than paint.

I want their nitrocellulose lacquer, for example. There's no law against me having it, but they won't sell it to me. I spent some time writing to their corporate headquarters asking about this and had someone call me who (with a fair amount of attitude) asked what I wanted - he hadn't seen my correspondence at all. So if you write to them, whatever you write will just be discarded so don't bother.

I shared my concern with him and I was told, basically, that I can't possibly know what I'm doing so they won't sell it to me. I use that stuff quite a bit and can obtain it readily from other sources, but I hear SW makes the best. After being told that I would not be sold it (and then not given any clear direction on what would qualify me to buy it) I asked that my displeasure be conveyed to their leadership. He then gave me a condescending speech about how we live in a great country where I was free to express my displeasure about lacquer.

I'm sure that's what all the war vets were fighting for in WWII - my right to complain about the lack of lacquer. He also mentioned that they only sell it in huge quantities that I wouldn't be interested in, even though their website lists quantities in a single gallon can - so clearly he's full of it.

I can actually drive to the states where SW will sell it to me, and then drive across the boarder with it (because the Canadian government doesn't care if I have it). So basically, SW thinks you are a child and doesn't trust you with the same kind of lacquer you can just go buy at Home Depot.

Review about: Sherwin Williams Paint.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada #782301

Mainly, because it sounds like you're in Canada, its because our lacquers don't have compliant labelling to be sold as a retail product. Just pretend you have a small business making furniture in your garage or something, are not purchasing as a retail customer, and request the msds. Sadly enough, we can be fined for selling lacquers to retail customers....

Trenton, South Carolina, United States #714555

I work at SW and have no idea of why your having this issue. Is the store your buying from only retail or something?

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