When I purchased paint and supplies, I was told that they did not know when the next sale would be and it would not be for a long time. (He said they usually only had a sale one time per year).

I then bought the paint. About a month later, they had another sale. I missed it by 4 days. I went in and asked if they would honor the sale, and was told NO.

Most stores have a grace period in order to KEEP their customers happy. I bought the paint thinking that they would not have another sale for a long time. Well, I just missed another sale! I had called to talk to the manager a few weeks ago to see if he would honor the sale I had just missed.

He was not in, and I could not catch up to him until today. They do not really care how the customer feels. I was told by the manager in Arvada - at 73rd and Wadsworth, Jason --- that he could not go back in inventory to a month before and give me the sale price. I got jipped out of about $120.00.

Kohls would have honored that sale all 3 times!!!

I am not going to go to Sherwin Williams ever again.

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A sale is a sale when it is on sale. If you miss it then that's not their problem.

When sale is going on it's only for a little while, not all year round. If things were on sale all year then where Is the money being made?


do you got to the supermarket and buy a steak and try to get your money back 2 weeks later because now it is on sale.

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