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I purchased San Antonio Sage and Olive Grove a few years ago. Did some renovations recently and purchased another 5 gallon bucket of San Antonio Sage.

Shouldn't the color be the same? It's not and the exterior of my house looks awful. The bottom half represents the newly painted portion of the house. San Antonio Sage comes from the green family.

One can see it looks like a shade of brown. Came back from vacation and it's not happiness to see the house.

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As paint continues to improve it gets reformulated and the ingredients can change. If the base is changed at all then there is a possibility of color change.

About 5 years ago the tints started switching over to a lower V.O.C. tint that would work with the newer paints coming out. This could also factor in to color change. If you had the old bucket the best thing to do would bring that in and an employee should take the time to make sure everything is correct.

Also dry samples next to each other and check the product outdoors since is is an exterior product and the interior lighting can throw things off. There are so many factors that can come into play with exterior colors as well.


You are correct. The color should look the same 10 years later.

Yes the color will fade ON THE HOUSE over the years but the color ordered in the bucket should be the same 10 years later! Time for court!


There is constantly updates to formulas for the colors at SW. Thats number 1.

Number 2 is that A100 is base exterior paint. Its not as durable as other exteriors.

3, weather plays a major roll in deflating color. Next time take a same for them to color match

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