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I have been so upset for several months, but will do my best to be absolutely accurate. The people, including the manager, at the Court Street, Pekin, Illinois store have no clue about the wallpaper they sell.

In July, I picked out a print that had vines on it. When it came, there were HUGE purple flowers on it. I told them I had received the wrong paper. They assured me it was correct.

I had them get the sample book and it did not show any flowers on it. They turned to the back and there was a black and white picture of flowers. #1, who would think to look on the back. #2 the picture was black and white.

#3, why in the world would you not put a sample of the purple flowers in the swatch. Finally, after arguing with them for a long time, they refunded my money. Then, I picked out a golden swirly pattern. It came and looked fine.

I finally got around to putting it up three weeks ago. The instructions said there was a match mark on the front that you wash off because there was not an obvious pattern. I could not find the mark so I went back to the store. The girl working there did not find one either.

She called the manager and he told her to call the wallpaper company on Monday. She left me a message on Tuesday saying that the company told her there was no match and that I could put it up any way I wanted I should pick up my wallpaper and "have a nice day". Well, I was not going to do that because there are dark splotches and light splotches, so it would look like someone put it up who did not know what they were doing! I went to the store the next morning when the manager was there.

I told him I was holding Sherwin Williams accountable and they needed to satisfy me. He said they really have nothing to do with the wallpaper. They just sell it for the wallpaper companies. In other words, they have no clue about wallpaper.

He said he would call the company, but if I wanted to return the unopened rolls, there would be a 25% restocking charge. Perhaps the girl did not understand what they told her. He called me later in the day and said that the company said the paper was something called "half drop" paper (which of source, the people of the Sherwin Williams store, obviously didn't know anything about) wanted me to call them directly and they could help me match it. He mentioned something about them having videos.

I went home and decided to check Youtube. I searched for "how to hang half drop wallpaper" and found a video. After watching it, I cut two pieces of wallpaper and low and behold was able to match it. I just finished the bathroom the other day and it looks great.

The people at Sherwin Williams need to learn about the products they sell.

They could have saved me months of frustration. I will never buy anything from there again - even paint!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sherwin Williams Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I want the people who work at the Pekin store to know what they are selling!.

Sherwin Williams Cons: Workers have no clue about wallpaper.

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Sherwin Williams employees are hired for their MBA and marketing degrees. They have absolutely no product knowledge and no experience with the products they sell.

This is a decision made by SW many years ago. It is much cheaper for them to hire straight out of college then to pay for someone who has actual experience and knowledge about what they sell. It's a sad state of affairs but unfortunately it is going to get much, much worse. In fact they have an unwritten policy to weed out older, more experienced and (expensive) employees and ride them until they quit, retire, or they can come up with some *** reason to (retire) them.

I worked for them for ten years and ran a "training" store for them. I was told very specifically NOT to spend time on teaching them product knowledge but to only teach them about the management function of the store. I was told that they could learn the product information in the store they got assigned to. Which of course never happened because the management already at the store had probably only been there 6 month to a year and didn't know anything themselves.

Look around when you go into an SW store. How many older (30 years and up actually) managers do you see? None! It's the way SW has chosen to run their business i'm afraid.

Not much you can do about it. Maybe next time find a locally owned paint store with actual knowledgeable people working in it.


I may be taking them to federal court again. Would you mind contacting me directly??

Shawn Jackson jacksonshawn@hotmail.com We need more people like you. I'm waiting for consumer affairs to publish my post.

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