Aurora, Colorado

I've been a sherwin-williams customer for 17 years and I usually stay away from there high-end Paint. I always use their mid grade level Paint no-one needs to spend $60 or $70 for a gallon of interior paint.

That is crazy. Now if you're painting your exterior Duration is a good Paint. I use it when I can get it on sale. I like to use Promar 200 it has great durability always covers with 2 coats not too thick or too thin nice to brush and roll.

For exteriors I like to use Sherwin Williams A100 it's a great Paint it does not have primer and paint in one but I always like to use my primer my primer separate. Promar 200 is around $35 a gallon I save a little bit because I'm a contractor I pay about $22 a gallon great price for a great Paint and the A100 is a little bit more expensive around $38 a gallon but I still get that for around $25 a gallon a great price for a great Paint I recommend trying these two Paints promar 200 for interior and A100 for exterior hope you have a good experience with these pants try to stay away from that other *** with the fancy names in an outrageous prices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sherwin Williams Paint.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Who paid you to write this bit of fluff? Sherwin-Williams!


When I worked for SW and they purchases Pratt and Lambert and already owned Dutchboy Paints I was on tour of the old Chicago plant and I watched the Promar 200 eggshell running on a conveyor getting filed with white paint. On that same conveyor Dutchboy and Pratt were running under the same pour spout 5 floors below the filling floor.

Think about that next time you want to save 10-20 dollars a gallon. True story!

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