Melbourne, Florida

I love this paint. I’m not a professional but I’ve rehabbed five houses and done a lot of painting.

This paint takes a little getting used to. You have to paint small areas and go quickly. You can’t roll over it more than once or twice - quickly. If you roll over it more than once or twice (quickly) at the instant you roll it, you will remove the paint.

It also shrinks as it’s drying. A single coat of paint on any application is crap and might look nice initially but won’t stand the test of time.

The first coat with this paint is a little difficult but they second coat is a breeze. It melts onto your walls, it’s very durable, resists mold, is very long wearing, and the easiest to clean.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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when you have a paint that "pulls" off when you try to re-roll over it, it is called crap paint. Just so you understand.

There are quite a few ultra premium paints on the market that won't do that and are infinitely easier to apply than Emerald. You won't find them at any SW store or box store though.


I have only ever used the best paints, top of the line Benjamin Moore and Pratt & Lambert. (After using crap hardware store paint and seeing the results).

I was taught by a top professional painter in a posh area on the North Shore of Chicago. This is hands down the best. It’s not crap paint. It’s a new technology paint.

I recommend you get up to speed. This paint is the future of paint. There’s no way to avoid this sort of shrinkage with this technology. You can minimize and even avoid the shrinkage once you become skilled in applying the paint.

The finished product is amazing, no brush strokes and it doesn’t come off when you wash. You can even scrape it gently. It resists mold too. I actually prefer oil paints for the finish and durability, this paint is the best of both latex and oil.

Well worth the extra effort.

I can tell it will save me time in the long run as well. Just so you understand.

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