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Yesterday (6-10-17) I decided to stop by Sherwin Williams on Chambers Rd. in Aurora because I got an email stating 40% off paint.

I was doing a side job so I figured I would get paint and save money. I ordered 3 gallons of Promar 400. Average price for this paint is $32 a gallon. The girl made up my paint and said "That will be $240.00".

I said you're kidding me, right? That's with the 40% off? She stated yes it is. So you're telling me that you normally charge nearly $500 for three gallons of paint?

She said well, if you have an account it would be cheaper. I said okay then put it under my account.

Total price came to $104. Either way, there was no 40% off unless Sherwin Williams jacked their price up before this so called sale.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sherwin Williams Promar 400 Wall Paint.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Stating a 40 percent off paint sale when in fact you did not.

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I'm a professional painter 30 years. Sales people will try to get you. If you're buying paint from Sherwin-Williams or another Paint Company really the only one around anymore is PPG a Sherwin Williams boughtDuron, and MAB Etc tell them you want to put the paint under custom painting by Rocky you'll get our price which is a *** of a lot cheaper than what you pay we get promar 400 for around 15 bucks a gallon


Promar 400 is a contractor grade paint. The sale doesn’t apply to contractor grade paints. Sales basically only really apply to paint that is on the front sales floor.

Grand Prairie, Texas, United States #1342391

Listen, all of Sherwin Williams Sales are targeted for the DIY market not Professional Painters. Every sale is based off of Retal Price.

Not whatever price you have plugged in for that product. It only comes in handy as a contractor if lets say you never buy Duration Home or Superpaint so you have dog *** pricing but you either want, need or have to use it on a job.

Also, there's 2 reasons why Sherwin is always having these sales. #1 the DIY market.

A home owner comes in and buys duration home for $44 a gallon on sale. They use it they love it whatever but they need more in the future. Now they buy it at retail cause they fell in love with it during the sale so they see the "Value" of the product.

#2 Sherwin Williams screws its stores over.

I used to work for Sherwin Williams. For a long time. The store cost on the products is absolutely insane. So when you hear painters *** about how the stores are raping the customers.

No the stores are in the same boat you, corporate SW is screwing you both. 5 Years ago PM200 store cost was $21.50 per gallon. It maybe cost SW $4 a gallon to produce. The company is still making $$ off you but the physical store itself is not.

Every store is pretty much hooping for volume & not margins. So if any painters out there buy PM200 for less than $21.50 per gallon, the store is technically losing money on that transaction.

The store cost has probably gone up past that by now so who knows how bad it is now. I've never seen a cost decrease ever, only increases.


ACTUALLY Promar 400 is a contractor paint. It isn't included with the 40% off. Only way to get that cheap is under a contractor account.

Seattle, Washington, United States #1338977

No, it is 40% off their outrageously high retail price. It's a no brainer.

They jack the retail price way, way up so they can have a "40%" off sale and people actually think they are getting a good price. Kohl's does it. Macy's does it, JC Penny does it. It's called anchor pricing and it is technically illegal.

But without enough complaints to the correct people it will never be changed.

Contact you state Attorney general's office and file a complaint. That's about all you can do.

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