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I went to your Brantford Sherwin Williams store to buy 3 ... 5 gallon pails of flat paint.

I expected to get the 40 % off sale. (and an EVENbetter deal because i bought 15 gallons !!!!!!! I am not a math person so I just paid the final amount of almost 500 dollars !!!!! When I went home and my husband looked closer at the bill we realized i paid FULL price.

We were livid. I paid 30 dollars PER gallon when I was SUPPOSE to get it for 18.00 which is 40 % off. NOW i cannot return it I can only express my shock and disappointment and I have bought S W paint all my life and now I will never step into their stores. Customers BEWARE of what you are paying BEFORE you take the paint !!!!

I am awaiting Head OFFice to contact me as I have emailed them with my issue. This has caused a major fight in our home (over a paint error on part of the Retailer ????) Please help {{redacted}}

Product or Service Mentioned: Sherwin Williams Paint.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Sherwin Williams Pros: Products.

Sherwin Williams Cons: Did not honor or support product, Did not honor 40 percent off sale.

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asherwin Williams 40% off sale is not a sale its] a n oppertunity for the store to make money !


What product line did you buy? If you read the fine print on their 40% add, you will see that several of their product lines are not included in the 40% off sale.

The Promar and HGTV lines are two of the lines that are NOT included in the sale, and looking at the "full price" you paid it seems to me that you actually did buy the HGTV line. If that is the case there isn't much you can do but stop buying from them. At some point a responsible salesperson should have mentioned this to you, but they were probably excited about snagging a sale at full price and that is why they didn't.

In fact they probably bragged to the other employees about it after you left. I would highly recommend in the future that you pay a little more and go to a locally owned paint store who appreciates your business and won't pull marketing stunts like "40% everything except our most popular paint lines which is disclosed in the minuscule print at the bottom of our add" Bull5hit.


Most sales have exceptions and yes they are at the bottom...personally it’s the responsibility of the consumer to read the entire ad, not the employee.

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