Mooresville, North Carolina
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Sherwin Williams is a top notch company. Sometimes a very incompetent employee gets promoted.

My ex worked for SW. I never since 1998 came across an incompetent like I did today. I submitted my complaint and a picture.

SW will weed out a person who has no business dealing with the public. We are their bread and butter.

If you’re wronged you need to submit the name of the person. I did today.

I hope this smart *** has to go through manager training all over again as he’s forgotten we the public are his bread and butter. His store had 2 painters and me in it. This is during 35% off at 11 am.

His store numbers must be on low end. Dean and Mike who helped me other times are the examples of a SW employee!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Go back to Lowe’s you *** if you have a problem. Sherwin-Williams and Lowe’s use different tints.


what exactly are you complaining about? And fyi, after 10 years working for that company, it is far, FAR from being a "top notch" company.

They screw good employees over pretty badly. That's why you NEVER see anyone over 30 managing their stores! As soon as a person gets to a certain salary and they can replace them with someone new for less, they get rid of them. I saw it over and over again and I still see it.

Happened to my Pratt & Lambert sales rep 3 years ago. He was to expensive for them to keep, so they came up with some trumped up reason to threaten to fire him so he would voluntarily retire.

Then they promoted a "store manager" with less than 2 years of experience at half the salary to replace him. He lasted about 3 months.

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